Announcing Our New Pittsburgh Office Location

Woodard & Curran has announced a new location for its Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based employees. As of August 29, the new address is 400 Penn Center Boulevard, Suite 600. The primary phone number 800.883.3266 remains the same.

This office relocation comes as we consider our hybrid workforce and work to improve office space efficiency for our people. The new office is approximately half the square footage and includes sustainability features, such as LED lighting. The abundance of natural light also means we can incorporate living walls covered in plants.

“I spent a good number of hours choosing fabrics, furniture, and working on the layout to create an open space that feels warm and inviting with many different zones to work in effectively,” said Corporate Facilities and Real Estate Manager Christine Wade. “This space has something for everyone. It is inviting, warm, bright, and conducive to working together as well as independently.”

This move also provided opportunity for our people to digitize files and reduce the amount of stored paper on site. We also partnered with a nonprofit organization that donates or sells office equipment and furniture to other nonprofits.

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