Wolfeboro Wastewater Treatment Facility Wins NH Plant of the Year

Published: 12/12/2016

The Town of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire’s Wastewater Treatment Facility was presented with the Plant of the Year Award from the New Hampshire Water Pollution Control Association (NHWPCA) during the organization’s annual winter meeting on Friday, December 9.

The Woodard & Curran operated extended activated sludge treatment facility has a permitted design flow of 0.6 MGD and services approximately 6,000 people (with peaks of over 20,000 in summer periods). The facility’s efficient wastewater treatment process and commitment to continuous improvement in maintenance and operations has enable the facility to provide a valuable service to its community for over four decades. 

The Wolfeboro facility has invested in continuous incremental upgrades over the last several years investing in upgrades, such as but not limited to: replacing equipment including diffusers, aeration blowers, adding instrumentation and the optimizing the process by installing automated wasting processes and converting to cyclic aeration.  The facility’s cyclic aeration upgrade (completed in 2008) was highlighted in a recent US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report to demonstrate how cyclic aeration can improve the efficiency and performance of an activated sludge system. 

At the facility, treated effluent is stored in a reservoir and managed through rapid infiltration basins (RIBs) and a spray irrigation system under a NH Department of Environmental Services (DES) groundwater discharge permit. The facility has a rigorous safety program that is managed through several written programs and procedures and reinforced through continuous training. 

The NHWPCA Plant of the Year Award is given to a New Hampshire Wastewater plant to recognize outstanding excellence in following both US EPA and NHDES requirements.
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