Reclaimed Water Irrigates Citrus Groves and Golf Courses

The Water Conserv II facility was created out of the need to expand wastewater treatment service and eliminate discharge to surface waters. It is the largest water reclamation project of its kind in the world, combining irrigation with rapid infiltration basins. Looking for a firm of national standing to operate the facility, they chose Woodard & Curran based on our reliability and operations expertise.

Reclaimed water for agricultural use

Our on-site personnel provide coverage 24 hours a day for the 71.3 MGD system, in which treated reclaimed water from two water reclamation facilities, Orange County and the City of Orlando, is distributed for reuse. The clientele for the reclaimed water include 59 agricultural customers, three golf courses, as well as residents.  Water is also used to recharge to the Floridian Aquifer through rapid infiltration basins. It is the first water reclamation project in Florida permitted to use reclaimed water for irrigating crops intended for human consumption.

Project recognized worldwide

In addition to benefiting agricultural customers and citrus growers by providing a dependable, long-term source of irrigation water, even during droughts, Water Conserv II also serves as a research site for an ongoing program intended to study the long-term effects of irrigating citrus with reclaimed water. It has been recognized for numerous awards since the facility began operations, including the American Consulting Engineers Council’s Grand Conceptor Award, the Outstanding Project of the Year Award from the National WateReuse Association, the David W. York Water Reuse Award, and numerous safety achievement awards, among others. We continue to work with the city and county to improve and upgrade the system to remain on the cutting edge of water reclamation and reuse technology.


City of Orlando, Water Conserv II
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