Design and Financial Modeling of a CHP System

The Huhtamaki plant in Waterville has been in operation since 1903, and it recently connected to a natural gas pipeline. Given the plant’s high electrical and steam usage, Huhtamaki sought to install a combined heat and power (CHP) system, and Woodard & Curran competitively won the project. The firm worked closely with the client and Efficiency Maine to execute the preliminary design, financial modeling, and O&M cost modeling.

Woodard & Curran completed an engineering design, preliminary cost estimate, and financial model. The current design is for a 13.2 MW CHP system comprised of three 4.4 MW GE reciprocating engines with heat recovery units designed to supply electricity and 9,000 lbs/hr of low-pressure steam.

The firm also completed an extensive, detailed model of the facility’s thermal and power demand. The CHP system will include an extension of the natural gas piping, two natural gas fired engine generators (with low NOx emissions), two heat recovery boilers, switchgear and conductors to tie to the plant power distribution systems, building modifications, condensate return systems, boiler water treatment, HVAC modifications, and steam and gas piping.

All power will be used within the plant. CHP-generated steam will augment the steam produced by two of the three existing boilers. The overall project has an approximate three-year payback.


Waterville, ME



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