EH&S Outsourcing for Chemical Manufacturer

A confidential client that manufactures and distributes innovative chemicals for pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, academic research, and electronics development brought Woodard & Curran on board to conduct a compliance audit and has continued to work with us on a long-term basis. The company’s products are used daily for purposes as diverse as academic research and the most basic components of electronics. Since our partnership began at a single facility, the company has looked to us for periodic staffing to supplement their Environmental Health and Safety departments at domestic facilities.

With facilities around the world, the company’s US operations take place in Kentucky, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The company first hired our team to evaluate compliance at its Kentucky facility. A four-person, multi-disciplined audit team performed a detailed compliance review of all its applicable environmental health and safety (EH&S) programs. After compiling a report detailing the findings, recommendations, and best practices, the company hired us to temporarily staff its EH&S Department and develop missing EH&S programs. Four different Woodard & Curran professionals spent time at the Kentucky facility over a three-month period, and we were subsequently hired to provide an EH&S Manager to work in the New Jersey facility for eight months.


Our EH&S managers served as an extension of the facility’s on-site compliance team while our compliance team continued to provide on-call support, developing programs for health and safety, providing employee training, and offering program implementation oversight. We also worked with the client to develop an Integrated Contingency Plan that addressed accident prevention and emergency response measures that could be easily implemented during any emergency. An additional significant component of the partnership was the development and implementation of a company-wide TSCA program.

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