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The City of Portland is the largest in the state of Maine, with just over 65,000 residents, and serves 250,000 as a service center to southern Maine. In order to continue developing and growing to address the changing demands of a modern city, the City required a reliable provider of general engineering services, ranging from infrastructure and roadway design to planning services for the municipal CSO Abatement Program. Woodard & Curran was selected in 2005 to provide the City with its general engineering service needs, and has been working in that capacity, as a partner to the City ever since.

Projects we have worked on for the City of Portland have been spread across the spectrum in terms of size, type, and scope, which is one of the components that makes our firm a great fit for this partnership. Our ability to draw on our varied team members’ expertise has contributed significantly to the work we’ve completed for the City over the past decade. On any given project, the level of involvement from City staff ranges from completely hands off to working collaboratively through each step of a project; our team develops an understanding of each project’s needs, as well as each individual project manager’s working style in order to tailor each approach to achieve the best possible outcome.

As the City of Portland’s Primary Service Provider, our projects have included utility infrastructure assessment and engineering, combined sewer overflow studies, FEMA Flood Damage Assessments, SCADA design and implementation, athletic facilities planning and design, bike-ped facility engineering, environmental cleanup/remediation, and site planning and construction for various municipal offices. In addition, we have offered third-party development review services to the City’s Planning Office and numerous other engineering and science based consulting services. Working with the City in this way has allowed it to take full advantage of our diverse skillset and expertise.

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