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Risk Assessment that Answers the Important Questions

Risk assessments are vital in the process of evaluating and restoring contaminated sites. They are valuable from the offset, helping us determine imminent human health and ecological risks, establishing property use limitations for expedited site reuse, or understanding potential liabilities associated with a property. We know how to tailor our approach to gather the necessary information, fully understand the problem, and guide the remediation strategy to efficiently meet our clients’ objectives and protect people and the environment.

A focused risk assessment can mean the difference between a successful exit strategy or an endless series of evaluations and study. We concentrate our efforts on answering the important questions about risk and exposure to facilitate rapid, cost-effective, and protective cleanup or risk management strategies, not prolonged site investigation.

Meeting client objectives while protecting people and the environment

Risks to human health are influenced by the intended or current use of a site, the contaminants present, and the range of possible exposure pathways. Analyzing these factors is complicated by changing regulatory standards and focus at the state and federal level. The rise in concern over vapor intrusion and indoor air quality, for example, has led to new sampling methods, new phases of assessment, new agency scrutiny, and new litigation by tenants and owners. Our experts have the training and experience to quickly see to the heart of the issue and apply proven methods of addressing risk to the health of site occupants or future users of a planned development. We also know how to communicate complex, risk-related issues in simple and effective terms to a variety of stakeholders and forums or as part of litigation support.

The ecology of a contaminated site and of the adjacent properties and waterbodies have a huge impact on site cleanup. Understanding the local conditions and the interconnected systems that may be impacted is essential to finding the right remedy. Our scientists have the training and hands-on experience to conduct comprehensive ecological assessments that accurately determine potential hazards and effects while offering alternatives on where to turn next.

With our extensive experience assisting industry, public agencies, and even other consultants with their risk assessment needs, we are one of the premier providers of risk assessment services in the United States. We craft inventive approaches to mitigate identified risks that emphasize site outcomes and eliminate unnecessary steps while meeting some of the most complex and stringent environmental regulations. Our attention to detail and experience with regulatory negotiations have saved our clients time and money over the course of their cleanup and redevelopment projects.


Lisa Campe MPH, LSP Technical Practice Leader Risk & Emerging Contaminants

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