Sustainable and Resilient Remediation: Driving Cost Savings and Alignment with Corporate Responsibility

Sustainable and resilient remediation (SRR) is not only a desirable societal goal, but also offers the tangible benefit of cost savings and improved alignment with corporate responsibility goals. Project managers and environmental attorneys committed to greener cleanups should join Cathy Rockwell, P.E., and Stacey Hellekson, P.E., for an hour-long presentation on integrating SRR into overall site management and remediation actions.

Cathy and Stacey discuss the four key elements of successful SRR: environment, economic viability, social tolerance, and resilience. They will also use case study examples to demonstrate key SRR strategies and the hurdles our project teams have overcome to reduce project costs and help our clients achieve corporate responsibility objectives to align with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

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