Tracking Effort to Progress Internal Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability is not something that can be accomplished overnight or simply solved with the right technology. Sustainability, in its very essence, requires a long-term strategy and a continuous effort. Woodard & Curran helps a variety of clients integrate environmental, social and economic goals into their long-term infrastructure and planning projects, and, at the same time, we are continuously working to improve our internal footprint and corporate sustainability strategy as we expand our operations from coast to coast. 

This spring, our volunteer-led sustainability team collaborated with and collected data from Woodard & Curran employees throughout the company as a part of our internal sustainability initiative.  From our office energy use to our health & safety trainings (and many areas in between), we’ve been collecting and analyzing data to document our 2016 social and environmental baseline. We have begun to use this data to identify key performance indicators, allowing us to develop future goals to improve our overall sustainability.  

Our path towards continuous sustainability is outlined in the figure below. In 2018, we will be publishing our formal Corporate Social Responsibility report, but we want to take the opportunity now to share the process we are using to define, track and improve our sustainability.

Our Continuous Path Towards Sustainability 

We have drafted our framework of social, economic and environmental elements we intend to monitor and strengthen over the next decade. Though still evolving, improving our water consumption, reducing waste, retaining and developing our people, giving back to our community, becoming more energy efficient, improving purchasing, strengthening health & safety, reducing our emissions, and expanding sustainable solutions for our clients nationwide, remain our material focus. We are excited to share our data and specific long-term goals with you very soon. In the meantime, we hope that by sharing our progress, we can show that measurably improving your business’ sustainability is possible by taking a strategic approach.  The first step: understand where you are now and your values.  Once you make the decision to take the next steps, let us know if you need help along the way.  



Alyson Watson Chief Executive Officer & Chair of the Board

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