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Webinar: PFAS in Massachusetts Soils

Documenting Background Occurrence of PFAS in Soil

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Regulatory limits for PFAS in soil and groundwater are among the most stringent ever promulgated in Massachusetts and other states throughout the U.S. However, in most states, background levels of PFAS are not well understood. Our experts conducted a self-funded study in Massachusetts to document the background occurrence of PFAS in soil; these results are helping regulators, environmental professionals, and project stakeholders to distinguish and address regulated releases more effectively.

Join Lisa Campe, Lisa McIntosh, and Sam Olney, for a one-hour webinar about the research, findings, and implications. Attendees will get a glimpse into how the study was conducted, see the results for various regions of the state, and learn how our study data are influencing standards-setting and contributing to a more complete picture of background PFAS levels in New England.

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