Free Whitepaper: "Flushable" Wipes Communications Toolkit

The rapid increase in consumer use of non-woven “flushable” wipes is one major factor in sewer system clogs that sewer system maintenance alone can’t solve. Wastewater utilities need to adapt their infrastructure and communications to ensure reliable system performance. Focusing on communications is a low-cost way to address the source of the issue: human behavior. This toolkit provides simple, actionable advice on how to structure a wipes-focused communications effort as well as a set of free, ready-to-use graphics to get you started. With these tools and a commitment to consistent communications, you can advance the goal or reducing the incidence of wipes in your wastewater system.

Note: because this toolkit includes a number of graphics, the download is provided as a zip file and is relatively large. It is not recommended that you download it to a mobile device.

Tags Water
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