Manage Risk with Remote Technology

Remote technologies provide real-time, on-site virtual expertise, optimize data collection, reduce project costs, and improve safety for environmental site operations. Join Erika Lloyd and Dr. Lucas Hellerich for this hour-long webinar in which we provide an overview of how Woodard & Curran has deployed remote technologies to acquire and manage important site data safely and effectively for our clients.

We summarize how different technologies can be deployed and illustrate their effectiveness with real-life examples that highlight key features. We will also present a case study of our automated data collection and management platform, which consists of a network of field sensors, data upload functionality, and data visualization to allow real-time decision making from the safety and comfort of your remote location. Key benefits of these tools include improved safety, reduced costs for data collection and site visits, enhanced data access and quality for more informed decision making, schedule compression, and business continuity.

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