Lucas Hellerich, PhD, PE, LEP

Senior Technical Practice Leader
Environment & Remediation
Luke helps our clients develop cost-effective and efficient site-closure remediation strategies. His expertise includes contaminated site assessment and remediation, design-build remediation, feasibility study evaluations, remedy optimization, exit strategy development, peer review, liability valuation, and regulatory support. Luke develops environmental investigation, remediation, and operations and maintenance approaches, specializing in the application of in-situ remediation technologies and groundwater and soil remediation of complex sites. He has been the lead remediation engineer responsible for the development and implementation of bioremediation, chemical reduction and oxidation, physical removal and containment, natural attenuation, and thermal-based solutions for large sites impacted with chlorinated solvents, metals, petroleum, and polychlorinated biphenyls.

As a Practice Lead, Luke provides technical leadership for our national remediation engineering practice and develops the capabilities of Woodard & Curran’s remediation technical staff.
“I enjoy the challenge of developing optimized remediation strategies for complex sites. It’s great to be part of a team that is dedicated to producing the best-fit solutions for our clients, combining prior experience and evaluation of new technologies to do so. These remediation approaches incorporate lessons learned and also require a mindset of continuous learning.”