Safe, Responsible Oil & Gas Production

With the dramatic increase in domestic extraction due to the ongoing development of shale oil and gas, the industry is under intense pressure to extract, transport, and process these valuable resources as safely and efficiently as possible. Evolving regulations, changing political climate, and public scrutiny create a challenging climate. Woodard & Curran has the expertise and experience to help oil and gas companies meet their environmental responsibilities and deliver their product to market.

Resource development from start to finish

The process of planning, designing, and building the infrastructure necessary to safely develop oil and gas wells needs to be managed holistically. With our broad range of expertise and experience across all the disciplines involved, we quickly mobilize a team of engineers, scientists, and construction specialists to help our clients install productive, compliant, and safe facilities. From financial feasibility studies to facility designs and process engineering, pipeline design, horizontal directional drilling, water treatment, closure plans, decommissioning/demolition/salvage planning, and revegetation and restoration, we understand how to efficiently deliver projects that meet our clients’ goals.

Managing complex environmental requirements

Our people know that each project has its own unique circumstances and are skilled at identifying the approach that will protect the environment while delivering the results our clients need. From pre-drill evaluations, including evaluating pad locations, advising on surface casing depth, and assisting with subsurface due diligence, and throughout the project life-cycle, our experts help clients achieve their goals while maintaining safety, compliance and environmental awareness. We stay engaged with our clients as long as necessary, and excel at managing the vast amount of data required to effectively address regulatory requirements. 

Responsible water and waste management

Finding, efficiently using, and properly disposing of the water required for shale oil and gas extraction is essential to safe, responsible operations. With our extensive experience in water resource management and wastewater treatment, our geologists, hydrogeologists, and engineers quickly see through to the heart of the issue and help clients make the most of the available water and implement cost-effective wastewater treatment strategies.

Firm commitment to safety

Safety is one of the core values of our firm, and our commitment to implementing clear, consistent, and successful safety programs on all our projects is a top priority. We believe that protecting our people, clients, and partners is central to the success of our projects and our company. Read more about our culture of safety at Woodard & Curran.


Senior Technical Manager
Environment & Remediation