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Our 2021 Sustainability Reporting updates

Over the next year, as part of our strategy to continually expand our sustainability solutions and commitments, we’ll be reevaluating... View Article

Impacting Water Resources through Operations Teams

In our Operations & Management (O&M) business, our ultimate goal is to ensure critical water infrastructure systems are running efficiently... View Article

Fewer and Better Purchases

Woodard & Curran has a longstanding history of making improvements in our business operations that both reduce environmental impacts and... View Article

The Impact of Our Charitable Giving

In our 2017 inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report, Doug McKeown stated “Our people are passionate about making a difference... View Article

Earth Day: Reflecting On Our 2020 ESG Goals

Every year on Earth Day we reflect on important aspects of our vision and mission — specifically, how we protect... View Article

Beyond Earth Day: Sustainable Efforts and Outcomes

When Woodard & Curran issued its inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report in 2018, we set specific sustainability goals for... View Article

Corporate Sustainability: Turning Earth Day into a Year-Round Mission

What began in 1970 as a national movement, Earth Day is now a global event mobilizing more than one billion... View Article

River Cleanup Promotes Water Conservation

Consider this – it takes 19 gallons of water to grow one apple. Now, imagine a day without water. With... View Article

Making the Leap: Introducing our Inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility Report

As an organization founded on a commitment to our people and the environment, sustainability has never been just a service... View Article

Tracking Effort to Progress Internal Sustainability Initiatives

Sustainability is not something that can be accomplished overnight or simply solved with the right technology. Sustainability, in its very... View Article

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