Giving back to our communities

Woodard & Curran’s founders had the foresight to craft a mission statement for the company that prioritizes our people, communities, and environment. Since our founding, we have been a purpose driven organization entrusted to build the infrastructure communities rely on, solve complex environmental problems, and create sustainable spaces where we live, work, and play.

Our community engagement program is multi-faceted. We offer employees paid time off to volunteer in their local community and provide charitable giving support to organizations that are important to our employees, clients and communities.  Additionally, Woodard & Curran employees are at the heart of the 501(c)(3) grant making nonprofit, the Woodard & Curran Foundation, which just celebrated its 10th year of giving to environmental organizations across the nation.

The data below captures an updated, 2020, snapshot of our key metrics that we’ve been tracking regarding community engagement. Read more about the ways we connect with our communities through these additional stories:


  • Corporate Match to the W&C Foundation

  • Charitable Giving to other organizations 1

  • Foundation grant dollars awarded to ~70 environmental organizations since its inception$792k

  • Hours spent  volunteering 2


1 These figures are understated and we are working to formalize how all donations are attributed so we can better understand and share our total impact.

2 Through our Volunteer Time Off program; this does not account for hours logged outside of this program.

2020 Goals

  • Account for the firm's total charitable giving and create a goal based on percentage of revenue.
  • Increase employee giving participation to the Woodard & Curran Foundation while increasing the annual corporate match to 100% of employee donations.

  • Established in 2010, the Woodard & Curran Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that makes grants to nonprofits that focus on environmental quality, stewardship, and preservation, particularly for projects that directly improve public health and/or educate the public regarding the sustainability of environmental resources.