Giving back to our communities

Our communities entrust us to build the infrastructure they rely on, to clean up the environment that surrounds them, and to create sustainable spaces where they live, work, and play. Our company and our people cannot be separated from their communities. That is why we are committed to giving back.

Our charitable giving program is designed to make an impact with organizations that our people care about. Guided by their involvement, we dedicate money every year to contributions in support of our employees’ commitment to causes. Our employees also engage the community in a variety of ways - from volunteering their time for trail and wetland clean ups, organizing food, toy, and school backpack drives, and putting together teams for fundraising walks, to partnering with local farms to bring fresh produce directly to our offices.

As seen in our 2019 figures below, we continue to increase the corporate match to the Woodard & Curran Foundation, doubling the amount since 2016 and increasing our national impact. We also increased our charitable giving to other organizations and, in 2020, plan to put together a more comprehensive accounting of all our giving, since this figure is still an understatement.  Once we develop a more complete figure, we’ll be setting a new goal for charitable giving based on revenue. 

During the inaugural year of our Volunteer Time Off policy, 280 individuals, or 27 percent of our employees, logged hours in their communities. Half of the hours spent were during team events, positively promoting employee engagement and involvement. 

Access our full 2016-17 report here to see more information about our actions and plans.


  • 2019 Corporate Match to the W&C Foundation

  • 2019 Charitable Giving to other organizations 1

  • Foundation grant dollars awarded to ~50 environmental organizations since its inception$581k

  • Hours spent  volunteering 2


1 These figures are understated and we are working to formalize how all donations are attributed so we can better understand and share our total impact.

2 Through our Volunteer Time Off program; this does not account for hours logged outside of this program.

2020 Goals

  • Account for the firm's total charitable giving and create a goal based on percentage of revenue.
  • Increase employee giving participation to the Woodard & Curran Foundation while increasing the annual corporate match to 100% of employee donations.

  • Established in 2010, the Woodard & Curran Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that makes grants to nonprofits that focus on environmental quality, stewardship, and preservation, particularly for projects that directly improve public health and/or educate the public regarding the sustainability of environmental resources.