Protecting the environment through exceptional work

We understand the value and importance of providing integrated, sustainable solutions to our clients that benefit our communities and the natural environment. That’s how we make a difference to our clients, people, and planet.

 Our company was born in the early days of the Clean Water Act, and our founders believed strongly that protecting the environment would be a fundamental value of the firm. We live this value through our work to protect and reclaim water resources, conserve energy resources, clean up contaminated properties, and reduce our collective footprint. We also know that every infrastructure project is now also a resiliency project and must be designed with an understanding of the new reality of more frequent major storms, extended droughts, and historically atypical weather patterns. By incorporating these concerns in our design process, we help clients withstand the challenges the future may bring.

Access our full 2016-17 report here to see more information about our plans, project highlights, and awards.


2018 Consulting Achievements

  • Licensed Envision Sustainability Professionals (ENV SPs) on staff

  • Percentage of California’s population covered by water management plans we have supported

  • Through 2018, secured over$2.2B for infrastructure and environmental projects

  • Industrial sectors where we have helped solve environmental and water challenges

  • Superfund site cleanups advanced


2018 Operations & Management achievements

  • Gallons of water distributed (billions)

  • Gallons of wastewater recycled (billions)

  • Gallons of wastewater treated (billions)


2020 Goals

  • Have 10 ENV SPs.
  • Develop a framework to collect environmental sustainability indicators for our projects.